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What hits our gspottt [Contributor Guidelines]

  • gspottt’s purpose is to foster creativity, advocacy, ethics, liberation, acceptance and empowerment on questions of sexuality and gender in Trinidad and Tobago; as well as to further the mission of CAISO and its affiliated organizations. Content of the blog is selected for its focus on and contribution to these goals. We encourage communities, especially underrepresented voices, to contribute a wide range of expression to the blog on these matters,  including views that are thoughtfully critical of CAISO and our positions. The blog also aims to provide an interactive and enjoyable publication experience for its contributors, and a developmental one for those who are less experienced.
  • Contributions to the blog may be creative work, opinion, factual, theoretical, or any combination; and can be in text, graphic or audiovisual form. Text should ideally be 750-1,500 words in length if prose; shorter if verse. Contact us regarding specs for image, audio and video files, which should be under 500MB, optimized for the web, and accessible to readers with lower bandwidth.
  • Your submission should be T&T-focused, topical, of interest and accessible to a well-defined group of readers, and original. You should identify for us any source material you cite or sample, and anywhere your content has appeared previously.
  • All submissions are subject to editing for readability, style and content. Content that is potentially libellous, inaccurate, pornographic, violent, fuels stereotyping or stigma of any group, sexualises minors, or advocates against CAISO’s mission may not be published; or published with editorial comment. Text is subject to illustration; you are encouraged to provide or suggest images.
  • You may publish anonymously or with a pseudonym, but you need to provide us with a verifiable name, a telephone contact, and a short, confidential bio that includes any affiliations you have that might be of relevance (e.g. do you work for the Government? with any groups that have a stake in the issues CAISO is working on?)

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